Reflection on Corey’s Life

Corey Gerell Horne-Jones, 34, departed this life in an untimely death on December 4, 2022, in Chipley, Florida. Corey was born in Albany, New York, to Rollin Roger Massie and Catherine Horne-Massie; both preceded him in death.

Corey’s life from birth was riddled with heartache, tragedy and disappointment. He entered this life seemingly with the odds set against him. He suffered health-related challenges from his birth throughout his childhood and adulthood. He also became a ward of the state at two weeks of age. As he grew, he spent many years moving from home to home until finally being adopted by Calvin and Georgenna Jones who provided him with a stable and structured home environment; Calvin Jones preceded him in death.

Corey was a visionary and catalyst for change. He had a deep passion and longing to see the neighborhood and community that he came from transformed. His deep personal connections to the South End of Albany and his tough life experiences forged his unforgettable development and business philosophies.
After graduating from High School, Corey ventured on his own and immediately showed an interest in building and construction. Mentored by local construction company business owners, he soon led projects of all types and sizes. Corey became a viable, productive, and honorable force in the South End community. It is also noted that Corey was gifted in organizing large complex projects, bringing together teams rich in multiple disciplines from top-level architects, civil engineers, design consultants, legal teams, marketing teams and community social activists.

Corey often interacted in an extraordinarily unorthodox manner. He always strove for cutting-edge results that were innovative, never having been done, and esthetically pleasing world-class designs.

Corey started his own business in 2018; South End Development (SED). However, from a very early age he vowed to revitalize the South End of Albany, New York, the United States, and the World. He was determined to begin it with his flagship project – The Seventy-Six, in his home, the South End. We pray his legacy will live on!

Corey leaves to cherish his memory his daughter, Ariel; sister, Chauntwanette Wilder-Okantey; sister, Elisha Horne-MacDonald; brother, Jeremy Horne-Murdock; Adopted mother, Georgenna Jones; sister, Gennelle Jones-Miles; sister, Genniese Jones; his SED team which includes his eldest sister and brother, Corey Blackwood, Len Morales Jr., Bernie Burns, Kevin Coleman, Gatete Rama, Richard Washington and Connor Stedman. Corey also leaves behind his cherished mentor and friend, “The Professor” – James Garrison, along with 14 nieces and nephews, one great-nephew, and a host of aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and community residents.